White Bathroom Units and Drawers

The bathroom furniture is a pure white color that creates a clean and modern look. It is a good investment that will last a lifetime. Available in both a matte and gloss finish, this colour complements all types of bathrooms. A glossy gloss finish can enhance space and a matte finish creates a clean, contemporary look. Regardless of the style you’re going for, white bathroom furniture can be the perfect choice for your home.

There are many styles and prices of white bathroom furniture to choose from, depending on your taste and budget. The latest designs offer floor-standing or wall-hung units that create the illusion of more space. Tall units are a popular choice as they maximise storage vertically. Tall units also take advantage of unused space and maximise vertical space. Pay attention to how far the bathroom door is from the piece of furniture. Also, consider any furniture or doors that might clash with the design you have chosen.

A black bathroom can bring out the drama in a space. This gives your bathroom a contemporary, stylish look that will make you stand out. Black bathroom furniture is also easy to combine with other colours, such as white, but don’t try to make a large impact in a small space. To make it work, you can pair a black vanity unit with a black radiator and a black shower door.

Choosing neutral bathroom furniture is also a good choice if you are looking for a serene and relaxing environment. Royal Bathrooms offers many pieces in the furniture range, from vanity units to storage units. The functional WC unit can also be available in contrasting shades of blue, green or yellow. Pastel shades will add an elegant touch to a vintage or country-style bathroom.

You can easily personalize your bathroom by painting the furniture. You can make your bathroom more personal by painting the furniture in a color that matches the scheme. To resist splashes of liquid and to wipe clean easily, the paint must be oil-based. Alternatively, you can also use white or black primer to cover the painted pieces. This will help you match the paint to the colour scheme of your bathroom.

Elena 600mm Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit Gloss White 2 Door With Semi Recessed Basin

White freestanding bathroom cabinets
Bathroom vanity units white
White bathroom vanity units

Elena 1100mm 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit Gloss White With Compact Polymarble Basin & WC Unit

White wood vanity unit
White bathroom furniture sets
White vanity unit bathroom

Elena 1200mm Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit Gloss White 4 Door With Semi Recessed Basin

White wood bathroom cabinet
White bathroom sink cabinet
White gloss bathroom furniture set

Elena 1200mm Floor Standing Vanity Sink Unit Gloss White 4 Door With Semi Recessed Double Basin

White bathroom corner unit
White bathroom sink unit
White bathroom storage

Elena 1100mm Floor Standing Vanity Unit 2 Door Gloss White With Semi Recessed Basin & Back To Wall WC Unit

White bathroom units
Bathroom cupboards freestanding white
White vanity bathroom
White bathroom units
Elena 1100mm Gloss White 2 Door Floor Standing Vanity Unit With Compact Polymarble Basin & Slim Cesar BTW Toilet Pack
White slimline bathroom unit
White bathroom vanity units UK
Bathroom cabinet white
White bathroom cabinets
White bathroom drawer unit
White bathroom furniture UK

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