What are Led Tube Lights?

An LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is used in many ways as a replacement for incandescent lights. The science behind its glow is that when the electrons change their state within diodes, the LED lights-up and it gets brighter even more when more current passes through the tube.

LED lights have made people’s lives easier as they are cheaper and are most commonly available lights which provides efficient power consumption and results in lesser electricity charges. They can work efficiently in longer durations and are more powerful as compared to the old lights. They come in many variants of sizes which is kind of helpful as they require less space for their placement. We can say that they are the outcome of the development in science and technology.

led tube light

The LED lights can be used in many ways in interior & exterior decorations. As they are the replacement for fluorescent lights, they have many usage for either house or office. From balcony to garden & drawing rooms to TV lounges we can decorate every room as the LED has many variants of sizes and are available in different base colours like amber, blue, red etc. they are safe for our eyes and they save as much as 90% of the energy consumption and run for a long time. The LEDs can run up to 60,000 hours as compared to the regular incandescent bulbs / lights reducing its cost and maintenance charges.

The LEDs are not limited to offices or households but they are also used for military, electronic instrumentation, traffic and transportation trade, recreation and joy and automotive purposes. They are mostly used in table lamps, security signals, spot lights, lighting for signs, reading lights and night bulbs.

For Safety purposes, the LED tube does not use neon gas or filament but semi-conductors which prevents the heating and burning sensation when holding them. They are considered as “green” i.e. environment friendly. LEDs produce 3.4 btu’s/hour in contrast to incandescent bulbs which makes it 85.

Another variant of LEDs are retrofit tube light which are simple to install in the fluorescent tubes depending on the manufacturer and lamp specifications. Most of the types are also compatible with the magnetic ballasts. In retro-fit tube lights there is a starter which is of a special kind other than the fluorescent lamp starter.

The LED tube light is also compatible with the T5 fluorescent tubes. The ‘T’ represents the tubular shape of T5 led tube in the bulb and the ‘5’ denotes the five eights of an inch in diameter. They are in the form of a part of a lighting fixture with external control electronics or a T5 fixture with electronic ballast. However the T8 & T12 are also common but larger in size as compared to the T5. But T5s are brighter.

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